We are Millimeter Wave Measurement Laboratory (MWM lab). Main interests and activities of ours are the development and production of different measurement devices such as:

  • Vector Network Analyzers.
    Automated measurement of transmission and reflection coefficients (S11 and S21 ) with digital readout of measurable values and reproduction of their frequency responses on the vector network analyzer display.
  • Scalar Network Analyzers.
    Automated measurement of module of transmission coefficient and module of reflection coefficient of microwave devices. The operation principle of the measuring unit is based on separate extraction of the incident to the device under test, reflected from the device under test, and transmitted through the device under test waves of the microwave signal.
  • Sweep Generators.
  • Frequency synthesizer.
  • Vibration Sensor.
    The contactless vibration sensor measures of vibration parameters of objects, performing linear mechanical oscillations and rotating objects. The radio wave method is non-contact and without inertia, what enables to apply it in cases, when it is rather difficult to install a contact sensor onto the object performing mechanical oscillations.
  • Power Meters.
    The power meter measures the power of CW microwave signals and average power of pulse-modulated microwave signals in coaxial and waveguide circuits; can be integrated into a measurement system by standard computer interfaces.
  • Mixers, detectors, attenuators and other microwave products in the frequency range 25 MHz - 178 GHz.
  • Receiver and Transmitter modules in the frequency range 25 MHz - 178 GHz.

The devices are based on the “client-server” technology using Ethernet interface, which allows integrating the vector network analyzer and other devices to computer-aided measuring systems and performing remote calibration.

Our laboratory is also accredited as measuring laboratory in the system of metrology laboratories of State Metrology Committeein the frequency range 25 - 178 GHz.

We are excited about offering to you equipment sets for complete millimeter radio measurement laboratories. For calibration and verification measurements we can offer specialsets of equipment - Power Measurement Standard.

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